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An excellent finish to the Winter League, just what we want, a fight to the end! Glad I wasn't in a position to upset things on the last lane, poor Val! But well done to Val today, he shot incredibly well to score that 28.
I'll stick some photos up as soon as possible, hopefully later tonight. With regard to the taking of photos at shoots it is a bit of a tricky one to judge sometimes, I can at least keep my distance a bit and I try not to bother shooters who I don't know that well. Having said that it is something that people may have to get used to as the sport is promoted more, I think most people don't mind and like to see a picture of themselves now and again.

But. Well done Neil and bad luck Andrew, hope you are enjoying a few cold ones. Also big thanks to Castle for an excellent course and I'm sending in the bill for a car wash.
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