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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Eyup skires ,
YEs there will be pegs in for the hfters to grapple onto but there won't be any supported shots on discipline lanes
WIth everyone that takes part in the shoot having a Pop at becoming the British recoiling champ we didn't think it fair that some can rest and others can't .
With regards to being allowed to dial , then no , you'll just have to use a couple of mildots down from the usual .
we are trying to bring all disciplines together for a fun days shooting .
Hope this helps .
Calps .

Many thanks for the reply.

I'll try my very best to get to this anyway.

In the early days ( 10 years ago ) there weren't any HFT clubs around here so I used to go to places like Byley and Milride which ran FT courses. Plenty of targets 45 to 55. Like most HFTers I run my rig at 8 or 9x and with a 25 yard pa. So 40 yarders are a little blurred and 45 yarders quite blurred ... but shootable and useful for ranging. On the FT courses the 50 and 55 yarders at 8x and 25 pa were just tiny bits of blur and very interesting.

I'm sure you were aware of that but just pointing out that the HFTers will struggle to shoot the 45 plus targets with no dialling due to blur. Seeing as you were mentioning fair like ...

Anno it's just for fun fella so no worries. Just wondered how you were doing it. I've got an old 77 here and an old Custom Shop 40x scope that I've never used. Always fancied a go at FT so I'll probably shoot it like that and hit nowt. I'm hitting nowt HFT atm anyway.

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