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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Sounds interesting.

Will there be the 12" pegs for the HFT shooters and 3 supported standers and kneelers ( off trees etc )? Do the HFT shooters dial for ranges over 45 yards ( or is that SFT? )?

Or is it a FT style course that can be shot how you want?
Eyup skires ,
YEs there will be pegs in for the hfters to grapple onto but there won't be any supported shots on discipline lanes
WIth everyone that takes part in the shoot having a Pop at becoming the British recoiling champ we didn't think it fair that some can rest and others can't .
With regards to being allowed to dial , then no , you'll just have to use a couple of mildots down from the usual .
we are trying to bring all disciplines together for a fun days shooting .
Hope this helps .
Calps .
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