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Can recommend the HW40 single stroke pneumatic .177in/4.5mm cal recoiless,
fibre optic sight system is clear and easy to use the gun itself is very accurate, and can easily reach out to 20yds with a Rhino 2x32 pistol scope or better fitted using domes,

Long reach performance is best with AA 4.52mm domes/Daystate 4.51mm domes, set up one or the other at 6yds for a perfect center shot on paper,

10yds, tin chickens aim at bottom of kill zone, as range shortens aim slightly higher to accomodate slow rise in trajectory,

Have sold my Scoped HW40, having won the last but one Kibworth Pistol Shoot and then came sixth with a HW45,22in (Sad Reference To Parentage)

I am now currently salivating over my next Pistol, Brocock Atomic .22in,

All I need is Wonga!!!

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