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Congratulationes to Neil & comiserations to Andy, always going to be a tense one today given the points going into todays Comp. A first in that the winner had to be decided by a third partie's result, I understand! Good shooting & many thanks to Val Szulc of Dowry for providing that drama, THE LAST TARGET!!!!!!

I shot appallingly, totally unable to find any solution to today's wind problems & although others had similar issues, there can be few who did it quite as badly as me! It's all over now though & despite my many failures & my one good result, I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute of it. Many thanks to Castle for today's Comp & to all the teams involved in making this WL Season as enjoyable as it has been, cheers!

It was made apparant to me today that maybe some may not appreciate me & my little camera when they are trying to concentrate on their target. If I have distracted anyone or put anyone off I would be truly mortified & appologise now for it.
Rob & Kev with their big telephoto lens' can stand off a good way when taking a photo but I need to get close-up to stand a chance & perhaps I've concentrated too hard on the photo opportunity than how it might effect the subject or those around him. I think I'll leave it to the fellas with the proper gear from now on & thank all of you for your patience & forbearance with my photographic exploits.
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