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Default A shock to the system

With out dought, sywell today was the windiest shoot of 2012.

Plan a went out the window on the m50, which was shut and a 30 minute diversion saw me arrive at 8.47, just in time to book in, asseble gun and head to lane 4 to meet Des edwards and James Griffiths.
I did give the Zero range a glance in passing but thats about how close i came to it!
James sat first as thats when the wind died mostley, then i shot and lastly but not least Des.

T7 was perhaps one of the few easy targets on the course, 27m full kill in the field. I gave inside 3 and split 9 edge! I was to say the least bemused at needing a full kill of wind at such a short range. t8 was a lionger one, 40+ and first dot / kill + half took it down.

Lane 5 was the standers. 38m one first which i did not spend much time or effort on so as not to weaken the elbow for the short one. Happy to hit the plate at 12 high on the long one with the wind buffeting the gun and took the shorter one.

The Garden started with a long is 47m target 11. Gave half inch out of kill and thats where it struck!

First wobble of the day came on T13, 37 ish about 7 foot up a pole thing next to the fur tree. Nice AND STEADY, HALF INCH OUT ONLY TO WOBBLE WHEN FIRE AND LIFT THE PELLET TO 11 EDGE.
T15 was again about 40 m and it took about two full kills, where as the longer tarets around it were going down with half inch!

I was happy to go onto the Banks of Doom just 4 down. Think Des was the same and James 5?

Wobbled on the fiirst doom target, long 47m . went to give it inside 3 edge, which would have taken it down as the wind was coming straight towards us my now and wobbles past 9!
The rest of the banks was a doom and gloom affiair. The wind changed seemingly every 20 seconds from L -r to R - l to nothing!
I wobbled on another 2 in the banks and the rest of the misses were all edge of kill, usually just failing to give that 1/4 inch more that was needed. i swore alot on the banks lol!
I even missed the easy full kill at he bottom of the banks, about 30 m where i mis read the dialing chart from yesterday and split 7 edge, watched the pellet bounce in and strike the paddle but it did not go!!
Think i hit 4 ex 10 on the banks!

Back to the field and i hit T1, long 50 m, 3 inch off plate. Then gave the 25ml reducer at about 30 m half inch out and it sailed across, so 60- 70 mm of wind! at that range
Lane two the same, hit the long full kill with bags of wind, then gave the 27m 25ml kill half inch and it went straight.
Final lane. Hit the long 47m one, kill and half wind. other was about 40? gave it sdame wind and was a kill short!!!

Des however had obviously been learning from em and only dropped 6!

in truth, i thaught it was a 20 -25 course with wind to what i would call a windy day on the Tondu Banks and top ponds
What ever i did it "just" failed to work though. Missed nothing by more than 2 -3 pellets width and had at least 5 or 6 edge of kills which results in lots of swear words, and the 4 wobbles!
The wobbles, like Blaina Gwent a few weeks ago just confirmed that any elevated shot is a disadvanatge to me at the moment. I dont really want to do it before Xmas, but post Xmas a weight loss program has to work especially for germany! I would guess i am currently over 20 stane and need to get down to between 17 - 18 by Gp1. thats the goal. Even Berty looks slim these days!

Made the last minute change to die 39 which were spot on as was the no 27 scope range finding and Rev, but came off wishing i had used Priest as i think it might have been a bit more predictable.
Interesting wind though and seemed to confirm my finding about the ostler Stripper v standard even in the wind! Roll on Jan when the Rev is stripped for the occasion?

Having seen the scores my score is "up" there (well mid table) with many other top Aa shooters and somehow, I was top Taffie today! Berty hit 14 in the pm session and Dave Williams 12.

Best thing about today was i apparently won the golden bunny so some of the days diesel costs have been cut!

Might head for tondu on wednesday afterall this week, but only if its 10-20 mph winds!
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