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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
top day at Tondu, weather was so good we stayed till 3.30 just plinking away on the zero range, chattting and drinking tea.

Did manage today to set up no 27 Leup on REV with the new Jon harris Wheel and very nice it looks too. Set up in 1 degree, so about right for the winter !!
Managed to mix up die 36 and die 50, but they will do for Sywell
Did some range finding experiments and confirmed last weeks low miss. Gilly tells me lots of wind at Sywell tomorrow so might not be worth using sorted pellets lol.

Practised my standers too after last week. Definatley need to drop the but hook further with the Grey stock
and need to take pain killers tomorrow as elbow was playing up today, maybe the cold was to blame or maybe i plinked alot more than i thaught i had??

Tried Gadgets Ev2 and was surprised at how fiece it seems compared to mine. Could not see the pellet in flight with his ev2, definatley not as Dead as an ostler ev2! Plus his ev2 using his 2010 Die 30 Exacts needs them sized to 4.50. no group as such out of the tin and a couple of low / out of kill landings at 50m.
Sized to 4.50 his pellets were doing a Don! Lent him my 4.50 sizer to do a tin or too in the week.

Now if i can get this hand warmer to work Sywell should be bearable, looking forward to it as its nice to be using REV again, even if it only for a day
Try ibroprofein 400 mil an houir or so before shooting .helps my leg ??? HOLLY
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