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This might be of interest to the OP...

I've fitted my new 2nd hand Bushnell Elite 8-32 now and it range finds pretty well. Not quite as snappy as the last Nikko I had but learnable without too much effort and easier than the 20-50 Leup I had.

One really nice thing about it is that if I fit a fishing coaster to the AO, one extremity is at 10 yards (the min for the scope) and the other is out at about 65 yards.. so it nicely covers the entire FT range.

The best thing is that I can range find with my finger on the coaster while still supporting the rifle with two hands, so it's easy to range find even while standing. I would say in that respect it's actually a better solution than a sidewheel scope. I used to range find the standers from a kneeling or sitting position with the sidewheel scopes I've owned.

I'm not entirely sure the 30/30 reticle is set up to measure 30 inches at 100 yards on 4x mag (if it had 4x) mag. But I'll do some measurements and figure out how to use it effectively to bracket killzones. The gap between 50 and 55 yards isn't huge, so it might be nice to have a backup bracketing method as a double check.
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