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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Just a little something, they were still being advertised by AA about 1/4 way in to 1993.
It is exactly the same scope as the Tasco TS 8-32X44, with different ret and optics. Had both, Tasco for 3 days then slung back only because it was a Bank Hol weekend, swapped for the Zieller 8-32 which i used until April 1994. Got me 8th in MFTA with bare min shoots ie non dropped.

The ret was designed for maggies at 700 ft/sec the best pellet at time.
Ladder rets/holdover not the most accurate, needed in between 5 and 6th line for 55 yards from memory.
You can elongate the slot in front bell so it comes down closer.
1/12" clicks it dont matter if you cant feel the clicks, still perform the same.
You dont need the sunshade.
Quite good hunting as long as you know the range. Used to have it on my Diana 52, JH Titan, 1st and 2nd one off hand made guns i made.

Still got a Zieller 8-32 some where boxed.
all in all not a bad scope then, thanks for the info mate
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