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Hi ray
You dont say if you are asking about FT or HFT,dunno about HFT
The BFTA compitition shoot rules state that targets must be shot in numerical order (or words to that effect)otherwise the could be an advantage to be had
2 scenarious spring to mind
in the first shooters on lane 3 shoot thier lane and go back to shoot lanes 1 and 2 ,lane 1 55yds and 53 yds,lnae 2 40yd and 45 kneelers ,nice bright dry day with absolutley no wind ,straight down the middle and ovr they go.Hour later the heavens open and we get a nice force 6 blowing ,lane 1 and 2 aint a gimme anymore so a clear advantage was obtianed

in a second situation, shooters get to another lane same distances as abovve and same weather,s*dthis thet decide we will come back when that nice clear weather wecan see coming is here ,agian another advantage .Niot to mention the resulting bunching when othe rgrpups of shooters queue for the lane s
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