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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Don't know about new Bri, but i have two 8-32x40 Bushy's and the 6-24x40 B&L Elite...
Like Herx77 i didn't think there was any difference in the scopes at first either but once i'd had a few months with the 32x i knew that it was better at range finding. The ret is a plain old 30/30 but if you can manage without the extra wind dots then it's a very use able scope for FT.
You're welcome to have a squint through one if you want?
Cheers Paul

I've tried one of the older 8-32's in the past and preferred it to a Burris, but I was struggling to find one 2nd hand so I was considering one of the new models (apparently they're pretty good too).

I've found a 2nd hand older model 8-32 now though so I'll give that a go.

Thanks for the offer though
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