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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
After 2 years away from the sport when financial exigencies meant selling all my gear, I finally managed to get some kit to take part again.

I couldn't afford "proper" FT gun and large range-finding scope so bought an HW97 with a "normal" scope and was looking forward to practising through the winter and taking part in the GPs next year in Sporting Field Target.

And now the BFTA have dropped it.

Here I was trying to be an ambassador for FT telling people that no, it isn't elitist, you don't need to spend megabucks on a huge scope, you can take part with a normal hunting type set up in SFT.

Obviously I was wrong.

You obviously do just want the people with the money to spend on gear.

Apart from being personally gutted, I think it is short sighted.

SFT is a way to bring people into the sport who don't have the resources to buy specialist kit. Far from dropping it, the BFTA should be actively promoting it, putting articles in the airgun magazines etc and getting new blood into FT who are not intimidated by the need for the "right" equipment. I bet many shooters out there who would otherwise have a go are totally unaware the discipline exists.

Thanks a bunch BFTA
Mark , you could also consider the new sport discipline started this year by Worcester Air Rifle club called Sporting Rifle Challenge .

Next year this is spreading out , competitions being held at several different clubs .

Treetops down Newport way , Cosford near Rugby , West London Ranges have also indicated an interest . Plus a few other clubs have written to Johnny about next year.

Its a bit of a cross over between HFT & FT .
No peg , any position you want to use , short ranges , small realistic kill sizes, sporting rifles, as in we dont encourage hamsters, adjustable butt pads, no big power scopes .

Have a look at the UK SARC web site .

Good to have you back again mate & look forward to seeing you out there again .

We are holding a fun shoot at Worcester on 30 December , on UKSARC rules , if you want to join us , it would be great to see you .
I know its a long trip , but hopefully you can get some one to travel up with you .

Hope that you start making stocks again too .

All the best , Gerry .
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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