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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Until you hit the law of diminishing returns. Many a comp has been won with a 300 Nikko

The point is you don't have to spend mega-money to be successful in this game...
True,but the regular placers seem to 'invest' more on equipement over a given period of time to maintain that consistancy.Really boils down to if you want to be the best you have to have the best.
Does not mean the best equipement will guarantee results, it will make it easier,but those who are at the top will be able to acheive that bit extra that the best gear will produce because they are good enough to make use of it.
It is some time since I shot FT on a regular basis,but I kept the rig all the time except for slight mods and upgrades,and it still wins things at HFT and club level, although nearly 30 years old.
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