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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I'm looking for options for my TX - considering the new Bushnell 8-32, though I haven't looked through one yet.

Any views on that scope?
Have a 6-24x40 B/nell Elite 4200 works ok, clear,can range find ok at 24x shoot at 8x like in HFT.
Recently bought a 8-32x40 B/nell Elite 4200 for AA400, set up last week at club. Not much different from 24x
except in higher mag.Funny enough in both 24x and 32x rangeing marks at front PA seem spot on;no need to put tape on and mark up.
Would have liked mil dots on 32x as 24x has got.I prefer at the moment to put cross hairs in relation to kill area and allow drop in proportion to duplex or mil dot,similiar to the custom graticle on the Leupold I had made for me by Premier Reticles via Nick Jenks.
Don't like the idea of twiddling turrets much! and the one thing that worked on the Leup was the etched graticle system. .
One thing I was warned about was not to touch the side PA new scopes 4200,try to get one of the older models that PA from the front!
Best of luck Brian.
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