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Originally Posted by killen View Post
This is just to let you know how I got on trying to increase the gaps in the range 45 to 55 yds on my scope.
As my first message, I had 1.5mm gaps on a 115dia wheel, between 45 - 50 and 50 - 55yds.
To do something about this, I tried moving the front lens first to get the scope to come down from 10 yds to 7 yds. This was achieved, but then I found I couldn't get 50 or 55yds. Next I tried the opposite direction and took the min P/X out to 12 yds. This trebled the gaps from 1.5mm to 4.5mm. In the end settled for a minimum change from 10 yds to approx 10.75yds and the gaps stayed at the new values. Can't say I understand how such a small movement of the front lens made such a big difference to the P/X gaps, but it did. The 50 and 55 yds marks are also way off from where they were but the gaps are bigger....yes
Sold the pintly little 115wheel and am waiting for a Barry Taylor shark fin, which should by my calculations make the gaps approx 7mm which seems nearer to what most people have.

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