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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
I think that is a 15/15.

A 30/30 will measure 30 inch between thick posts at 100 yards - a 15/15 is 15 inch (as far as I am aware)
Ah ok thanks for that.

If you do a search for pro air 4-12x40 it keeps mentioning 30/30 ret ... can't find anything mentioning 15/15.

I used to use some very very basic bracketing of the kill to range with mine. However this was in the days when kills were 25mm and 45mm. On 9x a 45mm kill would just fill the cross hair to tip of bottom bar at my zero of 35 yards. At 40 yards it would be noticably under that bar ( about 8/10 ) and at 45 yards it would be very obviously under ( about 6/10 ). If it was bigger than the bottom bar it would be 30 yards or less so aim bottom of kill. Very basic stuff.
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