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Originally Posted by skires View Post
I shot over 8 years HFT with a standard 30/30 ret.

Aim points all depend on how high the scope is above the bore.

Mine was on a springer and about 1.5 inches above the bore on medium mounts.

Aim points ... very basically ... 0.177 780fps 8.4gr pellet. @ 9x.

35 yard zero ... aim bang on with cross hairs.

40 yards ... aim cross hairs top of kill.

45 yards ... aim top of bottom bar.

@ 15 yards to 30 yards cross hairs on bottom of kill ( poi will be between about half way between cross hairs and bottom of top bar and a quarter up from cross hairs ).

13 back on zero ... aim bang on.

10 to 12 ... aim top of kill.

8 and 9 were a bit tricky as you practise and work out where on the thick bottom bar you had to aim. It was roughly just below bottom bar on centre of kill for 9 and about half the distance of the thin line again down bottom bar for 8.

Just a rough guide for you ... always best to spend the time on the practice range and work out what's best for you and your set up.
Are you sure it is a 30/30? - sounds more like a 15/15 to me.
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