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I accidentaly parked on top of a Walther in its bag, yep, parked, got out and walked around the other side to be told i had parked on their gun, i had to get back in and start the car to drive off the gun, fortunately it was not even slightly damaged and still held its Zero!! and i had been parked right smack bang on the middle of the gun!!
I bet he wont leave his gun on the floor in a parking space unatended again with his drivers door open creating a blind spot!! we where all very lucky that day! Dont know how we would have sorted that one out had it got damaged, doesnt bear thinking about!

On another occasion a friend of mine put his own gun on the ground whilke loading his van to go to the world hft at Kelmarsh, that was untill his next door neighbour drove past and straight over his gun, unfortunatly that gun did get bent and the scope pushed over!

No names mentioned, no resale values affected!
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