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Originally Posted by FUBAR View Post
i bet the first person to start ******** and moaning will be steve .. f**k sake who set this f**king course this targets not legal that targets not legal .... oh hang on i set it and still be ****** off with a59

derek will pull off a cool 58 ... y i man just top of of kill man

you will probley have no idea what ya guns doing but still have a laugh and finish with a 56 anyways

me ... il probley do really well and get too the last four targets get two doughnuts and two plates and finish with a 54

cliff will be be going on about how much the little brook stinks but me and little dan now full well its his manky glove that smells likes a goats *** turned inside out

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh god damb i love this h.f.t

I had one of those , ' shall I tell Cliff he smells moments ' His glove actually jumped off his hand three times to get an early bath in the septic tank !!!


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