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Default Lack of motivation?

Enjoyed the day on the whole today.
Arms dealer talks alot in his sleep we found out today, all the way from Swansea to Blagdon! This after coming off nights at 6am! Hard work and fair play to you.

Plan A, to get to the ground early did not quite go to plan, as when got there half the line was full, and it was only 9.40am!
So, shooting with Arms Dealer we took Mr.Gadget Davies under our wings and started in the more open section of the Avon Hawks Woods.
Lane two (for us, think it was T 19 & 20) and a nice stander some 37 ish range i had to work for, but got it.
I avoided the gap in the kill at 9 oclock that dave gage eventually claimed lol.Arms dealer was happy to hit the plate!
The normally windy back section was dead today as was the whole course.
Poor old sleepy arms dealer switched off on one lane and double dinked mis dialig the long target and mis ranging the shorter one.
It was impossibe really to claw back any targets today Arms dealer only missed the long standers apart from that, and then with out a gimp coat.

Gadget struggled on a few easier targets but got a Pb of 30 in, it should have been closer to 34 ish though! Costly mistakes meant Morf whooped him again lol!

Same for me, think i hit the fist 28 targets before mis ranging T5, a Yellow Rabbit I made 42, only to go low and strike 5 edge (straight).
When i stood up i realised it looked a much darker lane that the others and i should have added 2.5m. Went back after the shoot and at 45m no problem!
Having now missed one target and having hit the 3rd stander a few lanes later, i kind of switched off on the second longer 35m stander.
Wiblly wobbly arm meant i should have put the gun down ala lane two, but at course end i just decided to try my luck, which was crap. about an inch below 7 oclock, very poor shot!
Should not have convinced myself 3 out of 4 standers was ok!

Somewhat annoyed at myself, in the next lane and still thinking about how i should have hit all my standers today, i pulled a 30 Reducer and hit 3 edge! Shot it again once finished to check and of course it was another straight down the middle no probs shot
So, in truth 2 shots that i really should have not missed and even the 35m stander i should have been able to hit?
Just dont seem now Bfta and Swefta dates are out, to be able to lift myself into full comp mode for the wafta shoots and stay tuned into the shooting for 40 shots!
Least it seems as though all the Taffies that want to go to Germany will be on the plane, or Berty's Bus?

Priest and the die 50 straight from tim were faultess today. i watched mst of the pellets fly straight today, never saw one bit of drift despite playing % shots on many of the longer 45+m targets and going inside 3 edge.
No 1 Scope seemed to perform 100% today too after moving the wheel for the cold temp we currently are having. just me that was not with it all the time lol

setting up on Wednesday with new scope wheel, weather permitting and then hopefully windy Sywell next Sunday?

Might venture South the week after for a day out and see how the Diet Cakes are this year?
Shall want to be known as Slim Si come Gp1 though
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