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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Having worked with titanium i think you can have titanium colour or possibly titanium so no real pro's or cons, if you start altering the chemical structure you are and will be weakening the micro structure (possible first and last BIG BANG) when filling said air cylinder
Would you be able to give me further information on altering the chemical and micro structure of Titanium ?. For instance if I were to have a barrel shroud , air stripper, and air tube made ,would I be able to heat them up with oxy acetylene to change the colour from the natural ,to the vivid , blues ,and other colours that you achieve from this process ,without having the Big Bang.
South African Pete , has asked me to ask you ,might you have the required amount of Titanium just kicking about in your back bedroom to have machined up for the the parts mentioned.
Regards Ger.
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