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Default BSA 10x50-60 Help!

Just bought a s/h BSA scope with a 115mm wheel.
I found parallaxing was very repeatable throughout the FT range 10 - 55 yds. Snaps in very well.
Good spacings all the way up to 45yds but from 45 to 50 and 50 to 55 the spaces are only 1.5mm.

The scope is in very good condition and no evidence of re-parallaxing. It comes down to 10 yds min which I can see it was meant to do from the original wheel markings.

I have seen other BSA's with much better spacings between 50 to 55. So the problem is me or the scope.
I know you have to get used to a scope, but as I said I find it very repeatable getting to the same position every time for 55 yds, so is there a way of opening up the spacings. Fitting a shark fin wheel would increase the spacing, but only to 2.5mm so thats not the answer on its own.

Removed the front ring and can see that it can be re-parallaxed easily, but is this the answer?

Any help from BSA scope fanatics would be appreciated.
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