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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
A few weavers have been used with success here in the UK though they aren't common. Mine focuses down to about 18 yards, for targets closer I use a leupold 50ft adaptor fitted into a butler creek flip up cover. The rangefinding is good. Love the fine crosshair, but that is a personal thing.

Piccie attached

I'll second James here: As you have it already give the T36 a good go (assuming you can get hold of a 50' adaptor). They are great little scopes, a bit more effort to use than a high-mag side-wheel scope but the weight, clarity, turrets are all ace. Plus mine has so far held zero on my old HW95.

I used mine for a year or so on my 2002 with some pretty good results too.

Go on, give the Weaver a crack

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