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Hi Casey

Jonno has a rail that is inclined to suit the TX, effectively it slopes enough the on an FT rig so that you have enough "Dialling" available that you can manage an 8 yard target

I have "several" TX's and an SR and like to have a higher mounted scope to make it more comfortable whilst range finding and breathing at the same time (read fat bar steward)

Jonno's rails fit the bill and achieves the dialling criteria ....

I did have a Droop problem with the SR barrel and Jonno made a rail with extra inclination that brought everything back to useable.

Other than my SR all the other guys that have had the Standard Jonno TX rail have not had any problems with fitment or dialling

I will try and get some pictures of my set up as soon as the camera battery has charged up


AA TX 200 ... various guises
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