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Originally Posted by Scoch View Post
Hi guys I think I might be being a bit dim there (dont even think about it!)

"To ensure balanced courses there must be at least 2 x 20mm kills & no more than 3 25mm kills over 35 yards"

Am I reading this right then that there has to be at least 2 x 20mm kills between 35 and 40 yards plus up to a maximum of 3 25 mm kills over 35 yards ie up to 5 targets between 35 and 40 yards?

or is it meant that each course has to have a minimum of 2 x 20 mm kills at normal 20mm kill ranges(30 yards) and no more than 3 x 25 mm kills which i suspect to be correct.

Think i have confused myself now!!!
Hi Steve,

The latter are allowed a total of 6-8x 25mm kills

2 of these must be 20mm at 8-30y

plus no more than 3 of the remaining 25mm targets can be over 35y

I'll stick the distance for the 20mm's in brackets on the rules just so nobody gets confused
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