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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
I had a watch on that item to see how much it fetched and could not believe it reached that much without it being viewed or with no history of its owner and the use it has had.

Unless info has passed by private email

We do a little bit at auction houses but only ever leave a bid on the books, its saves you getting carried away and paying more than you should.

Guessing the seller is happy, just hope the buyer is.


Just a word of caution to anyone leaving commission bids with their local auctioneer.
The auctioneer is supposed to bid on your behalf UPTO the level of your bid, but what a few auctioneers do is go straight in at the top of your bid! Which is a breech of contract.
So if your commision bid purchases are always at the top of your bid price, then you are probably getiing ripped off and would be better off attending the sale yourself.

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