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Originally Posted by simona View Post
I've had a Big BSA on my Walther for a few weeks now and the ranging has proven to be as simple as legend has it.

I've used my Deben for years and more or less learnt that there was nothing to learn about it; if the temperature is over 8 or 9 degrees it ranges the same (as far as I could ever tell) however warm, bright or shady it is.

What is the score on early (exposed turret) Nikkos and Big BSAs? I'm not so much interested in their variable optical quality or slightly suspect build just about how they react to changing environmental conditions. I know that by reputation they are fairly steady but what does that translate to, ie if a 55 yard target comes in on my 55 yard mark now in 8 degree November weather where is the wheel likely to stop on that same target in July when it's 26 degrees in the shade? If they do move do they tend to jump or shift gradually?

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my mk1 would shift gradually, and would range a 55 yarder 57 yards, i have marked both the big nikko wheel and the barry taylor wheel so i just adjust the wheel slightly from summer to winter so im ranging spot on in hot or cold, back the wheell off in summer and adjust it for winter, ive found my mk 3 nikko more sensitive to temp, as for lense quality, ive not come across a target i cant range find .
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