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Originally Posted by villiers View Post
In the core rules
1.3 Sights. Any form of sighting system may be used with the exception of laser sights. No
built-in or separate laser range finding device may be used.

So the little red dot things are on the Illegal side.
Most red dots at 50m are the size of a dinner plate any way.
I could use the red dot for range finding with my crosshair at a number of ranges.
This is a red dot sight, it doesn't project a dot on the target like a laser.

The idea is only for getting the scope pointing at the target, so the dot size is irrelevant.

You could only use it for rangefinding if you could be certain the rifle hadn't shifted a jot while moving your eye into position on the scope. Personally I wouldn't trust it for that. I doubt anyone could use it to tell them anything worthwhile about the range where it really matters; it wouldn't be precise enough about where the dot was pointing at that range.
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