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If that's what it says, that's what it says. Remember this isn't the BFTA forum and Shaun Shore is probably first point of call.

I know one shooter who has a little V on the end of his scope cover which lines up with a nipple on his top turret, which helps line rifle up with target before putting eye to scope . I think it may be opening a can of worms though. If the mob feel that people are gaining an advantage in say the showdown by using one and then the clock starting only when eye goes to scope (and not the red dot) then there'll be fun and games i'm sure.

Question is, with subtle yet deliberate devices, or undeliberate devices to determine natural point of aim before eye goes to scope, how will a rule be formed?

I know I do as much work as I can under pressure before eye starts the clock... I haven't made something as an attachment but then if you drill a hole in your scope cap then aren't we on the way when that gets flipped up? I know someone who was doing it with a 50ft adapter, but found out it wasn't lined up right when flipped up, so he was always to the left of the target
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