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Default cross hair

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Sorry Workd Champ, I come from a windy part if the world and shoot quite often in windy conditions and windage lines do work. Not a mathmatical formulae but good judgement points for reference.
Of course if FT was like Norway we would never need anything more that a cross hair but if you know it's windy and its a full value direct wind that you experienced before you know roughly where to aim. The reference lines help with remembering what is a rough guess that you use the law of probability and % to give you the best chance if hitting the kill.
Sorry ex World Champ, current Euro Cham, its also windy here in sunny Uk. I'll stick to my cross hair only and use the 'force' ( I mean experience) in gauging were to aim on each individual target on its own merit in an attempt to knock it over. I aint knockin your ret if it works for you great but just not for me.
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