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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Sadly wind dont blow constant a lot of the time or the same direction. So the pellet dont move X amount with a constant mathematical formula as the windage lines have been calculated at. Their only a guide and
another aiming point. When you pull the trigger its the shooters decision as to what line they actualy use based on how far the pellet will move. Lines dont make that decision. Use the wrong line and you miss.
It's not a solve-all Andrew, but it's there for help. Tim Finley told me of the technique years ago, and it does work, but as you say, sometimes it won't and the trick is determining when it will and won't.

Firstly you need to have the two targets you use in the same exposure to the wind, no good if one's exposed and another sheltered, and you need to determine the wind is doing the same (ie direction and strength)... if you can do that, and you can measure the impact against your aim point for shot one, then shot two, those things being equal will take the same... ie if shot one takes two mildots at 35 yds the 55yder will take two mildots. That may equate to more windage in inches though. So Dave is saying he sticks mildot no.2 in the centre of the kill, and pulls trigger.

The same aim point can be used at 100yds to a target 1000yds.

Excuse the egg sucking lesson. The above scenario doesn't always occur, but if it does and you have a short target first it can be used to effect. I did it when lane 1 at East Devon last year was my last lane... first target 30yds, wind from left, aimed at pellet mark inside right, followed through and saw pellet mark land centre. Measured it on duplex as 1-2 widths of the gate, took that to the 55, sent it and it fell. I then cocked up on the 4 way shoot off for 1st by doing the same but i wobbled on the kneeler, hit the edge, thought it had gone all the way across, and aimed off on the long one accordingly, which went straight. What i had seen flash across the kill was the bit of the split sheared to to the right.
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