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Those rangefinders sold in wellington stores are not for precise rangefinding. If y'd like to know the real distance use professional rangefinders designed for engineers, they measure within a mm. Buy only laser products, not ultrasound devices but the cheapest model will do. I don't trust distances on the zero ranges, sometimes they are precise but sometimes just guessed, it's better to measure for yourself if you want to calibrate your rifle.

I'm using a small Combro chrony and it seems to be more than enough, if you calibrate it with the amount given by the manufacturer, it measures pretty well and you can carry it with you anywhere. The only thing what you have to pay attention is that it measures 5-10 fps lower if the sun shines onto it or the barrel looks at a very bright land, keep it always in shadow when measuring. If connected to a computer you can save the shot results and see stastistics, extremes and deviation for the last x shots.
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