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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
I like the extra long fifth hash line and I use it to bracket the target to help with wind judgment.

Just wondering how this line helps with wind judgment exactly?? Surely wind judgement is down to the person looking at the target he or she is trying to hit and aim accordingly. This line is only another aiming point and of no relevence to wind gudgment.
Some people I shoot with just pick a point say for arguments sake one inch from edge of kill & place their crosshairs on an "imaginary point" I've found if I need to repeat the same ammount of windage then I struggle with the crosshairs floating about in no mans land! I bracket the kill using the fifth line & one of the others or even using it as the aim point, that way I can repeat the same windage instead of guessing. Of course all that goes out of the window when your at Tondu aiming six inches off the plate! I might not be World Champ but it works for me.
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