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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
I like the extra long fifth hash line and I use it to bracket the target to help with wind judgment.

Just wondering how this line helps with wind judgment exactly?? Surely wind judgement is down to the person looking at the target he or she is trying to hit and aim accordingly. This line is only another aiming point and of no relevence to wind gudgment.
When I shoot on a windy day I am looking at a windage marker that I have placed into the kill. Where are you looking?

I am not thinking in kills or inches - I am reading the wind in lines (I have a Nato ret)

People sometimes tell me that they had to aim of plate - I couldn't tell you where the cross hair was as I am already using my windage marks and whichever I am using is in the kill.

This means I have one reference point to look at and I will be concentrating on where I expect the pellet to land. Not at the cross hair - off plate.
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