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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
You shoot the course and finish top and 3 points clear of your nearest rival , you wait to see your name top of the heap with pride and a great sense of achievement ........ only to find that Derek Watson has ommited to post the scores for all to see . Wake up Derek !!! lol

Yet again I set my gun up just before the comp and I shoot well without any practice or range time since the SIHFT , I am beginning to think that all this practice and range time is a load of old flannel . It must be that I have low expectations when shooting without preparing and as such , the pressure is off ???

Not sure if I would be as successful if I had to set up in the wind and rain prior to a comp though but for the moment its working and so is my new stock !


Heard they'd lost your card so it won't count Dave
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