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Originally Posted by TimG View Post
Does anyone use an anti fog spray on thier scope?
If so could they reccomend which one please.
The water is attracted to grease. The best way i've found is to keep the lenses really clean. Get some lens cleaning fluid and lint free tissues from a camera shop, use each one once, only to apply, then another to remove. And then don't touch the lens again unless you absolutely really have to, and then do it at home.

I think during all the 2-3 years i've had the march i've cleaned the lens once in the field, and even then that was with a fresh tissue. Grubby mitts are like a magnet for grease, and a little bit of grit rubbed in will scar your glass forever, and on the eyepiece, it's most visible.

I've got a lens blower i keep in the bag in case rain or dust gets on the lens. Grit needs to be blown off or brushed with a super soft brush or wetted off with liquid cleaner. Lens pens are a good way of rubbing grit in.
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