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What an emotive subject. Good its been a bit quite of late!

I personally am sad to see Sft go, I was hoping to have a pop at it this year. I see we are in Iceni again for the Sefta round. I have only shot there 2 or maybe 3 times and its not a ground I can ever recall giving wind in with its thick tree line.
I am sure last time there (2011) I did not come out of kill for 50 shots. as such, as an Ft ground it does not do it for me and I had every intention of shooting sft there this year if conditions were going to be simular?
Perhaps i still will, but in AA! Least Fisher will have half a chance of beating me at that round lol

I also see where the bear (Flannel) is coming from in getting people into the sport. I have people telling me Ft should not have 25 ml standers and kneelers as it makes it elitist as only the Top AA can hit them (although i suspect most have not tried them), yet they then seem to be saying you need an expensive range finding scope for Ft, which I am sure some outside or new to the sport could see as elitist?
I know at club we see many people come into the sport and never get far, the reason being the cost of an average Ft rig, somewhere around 1100?. (defined by perhaps the most common set up, Ev2 + Big nikko)
Although i understand in Hft national events the same perhaps could be said about Steyrs + what ever is flavour of the month in Hft scopes, generally a competative Hft rig I think can be had for about half the cost or slightly less? Might have somethng to do with what seems far more new people to competion shooting going Hft over ft?

Perhaps though its the case as proven in the last few years that those who are not going or able to spend a larger amount on the shooting rig, will also not be likley as rob has quite rightly pointed spend another huge amount of dosh travelling to Gp all round the country. I would have to say on average a Gp is about 100 a day out to me!
I think like Swefta have done with the combined Hft and Ft shoots, if sft is to grow it needs to be at Grass routes / regional level first? so perhaps a proposal for wafta Agm for Sft class, or sprng come to that?
While some regions such as Mfta and Nefta seem bouyant in shooter numbers, others are not, so anythingthat gets bums on seats is good and worth a try?

There may still be an avenue for trophies at a Gp for a SFT shooter, I hope to propose at gp we do away with the Junior trophy, again a class of harldy any entries over the last couple of years and change the title of that particular Cube to "shooter of the day"
Of course, it can still be a junior, but it then does not have to for instance be the same one each round. I am sure given to a lower scoring junior it would mean more than it does to someone who perhaps has won a trophy in a graded class as well on the same day. I know this was the case in 2011 when Garth was with us, he picked up a couple of trophies for shooting well in C class, and then got junior trophy for turning up!
Shooter of the day could go to someone shooting SFT, spring or pcp, just someone that has done well on the day, PB maybe, hit all dispalines perhaps for the first time, or even just done well to finish the course? Trophy recipricant to be decided for example by Chief marshall, Grading officer and comp manager? See what happens at Egm?

Till then Bear, democracy rules and i suggest you look at not attending the 2013 Gp perhaps, but the swefta rounds.
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