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There was only one who participated in the series. It's hard to see how you could cut back on the trophies. You either have one for one person with perhaps another one or two not getting one on the day or teo or three which meant everyone turning up gets one, or less than one, none.

You don't pay to pay for other peoples trophies. You pay to do the event. Otherwise you'd be suggesting that newcomers in A grade should perhaps get a discount?

I don't see what the obsession with a trophy is. If the class was jam packed then unless you were in the top shots you'd stand less chance of getting one anyway. By making the class more popular you'd be still paying for someone else to get one.

Personally when I see someone getting a trophy the last thing in my head is "hmm how much of my entrance fee went to that?" I tend to think more about the value of the shooter's achievement than the cost of the trophy.

I'd suggest the warm glow may be replaced with the warm glow of just having a good shoot and enjoying the day. It's nice to win but I've got plenty of good memories that don't include me bringing anything home except them.
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