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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
Is there any feasible reason why you cant go out and get a feeling for the sport with the equipment you have, And see how you get on. After all whatever you want to call the class the targets are still in the same place. And no matter what level of equipment you use the end result is always down to practice and competence. So i suggest you go play and enjoy.
Don't you worry Dave, I still intend to go and shoot, I already have a feeling for the sport having been taking part before my enforced absence.

And Rob, it will of course give me a warm glow knowing I am paying part of my entrance fee to pay for the trophies for everybody else in every other class. That is of course only fair.

It isn't about trophies really, it is about seeing the branch of the sport being devalued.

Although would it really have been so hard to cut down the number of places awarded in individual GPs while still leaving an overall award to aim for at the end of the season?
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