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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
I guess that would be the part where you are still not competing on a level playing field as you are up against people rangefinding. Or perhaps it is the other posts about the fact that the Freestyle class is an attempt to find a way of being as inclusive as possible to people with physical limitations or disabilities. I leave you to work it out yourself.
You would be competing with just yourself though. That's not a competition. If that's important then sft isn't doing it to start with. This year you would have competed against one other.
If its taking part, do so. Turn up. Shoot. I'd that's the top priority then it can still be done.

But it comes across as you wanting an entire series to be based around your circumstances which doesnt come across as wanting to take part in something more get a trophy for something.

If there were 50 people doing sft with all better kit and you werent getting silverware could we expect a demand for the rules to be changed?

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