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Perhaps in my annoyance this morning I put things more badly than I should have.

The roots of FT, back in the early 80s, were planted in the soil of basic equipment.

.22 was the norm as .177 pellets other than flat heads designed for 10 metre indoor target shooting simply were not available. most people used break barrel springers and a scope up to 9x power was seen as very powerful!

Ok, things move on and the equipment has come on in leaps and bounds, and why not?

Should there not be, however, a place still within the sport for someone to use their ordinary hunting or plinking gear without having to buy specialised equipment? Few plinkers or hunters will have a scope that will range find after all. Should we not be celebrating a variant of FT that says you can come along with the most basic equipment and be able to compete on a level playing field with others similarly equipped, and then - if you get the bug - you can buy the kit needed to compete on the next level if that is what you want to do?

Should we not be inviting people in this category along though all avenues and actively promoting SFT to get new blood into the sport instead of letting it limp along?

As far as cheap/expensive goes - it is all relative. Ok, maybe things are tighter for me than most but the scope linked to above @ 180 is not cheap to me. It has taken me 2 years to scrape together 250 to spend on my entire kit - rifle, scope and gunbag. There are always going to be some who can afford more for a hobby than others but as long as there is SFT and you have basic equipment then you can take part without disadvantage.

I could argue that it is more enjoyable when you get it right as you are not just judging the wind at a known distance from rangefinding but also have to estimate the distance and thus the hold over. That is just me though and I believe that FT should be a "broad church" with people doing it because of what they love about the way they take part.

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