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Did have a go shooting SFT with a GC2 and a Bushnell 3200 fixed 10 x power scope.
Shot it as a regular HFT comp with positional adjustments,and longer ranges( as HFT might go ).
No scope adjustments,results were suprising, beating some of the good NIKKO twiddlers.
You can be near as hell on distance even if the FT rig shooters know it to the yard;they still have to hit the kill,more often than not they don't. .
In the past HFT'rs have done FT with their HFT rigs and done good!!
Yes when I did FT it was more general shooters level,but as it developed it became more.....'specialised' and expensive-as was mentioned is HFT.
Top shooters rigs arn't that different in both disciplines,with scopes being the exceptions.
Competition drives innovation, and the amount spent is proportional to the amount you want to win..
Don';t have any idea what 'free style is' did like 'sporting' and would give it a go even now.
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