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Originally Posted by Flannelmeister View Post
You mean like buying equipment specially to take part in an FT discipline that was perfectly valid and part of the GPs until this week?

Can anyone tell me what "Freestyle" is?

That is something that is new to me.
Freestyle is exactly what it says on the tin...Open to anyone shooting any kind of sub 12 ft lb rifle you can opt to take the lanes in whichever position you desire ie Sat Kneel Stand....Belive the exact cans and can nots have not been finalized as yet as it was only voted in on satdi....
Likewise there's nothing to stop anyone with whatever gun and scope they own providing its sub 12ftlb in the conventional graded class (After all the sport is FT and that's what the events are) example it would be no good entering a judo competition and wanting to do karate
Have to say attendances for the sft class have been very low for the years i have been doing the GPS and there's only so many classes that can be run in a competition to try and cater for everyone you can never suite everybody.
If you spent 250 quid on a small mag scope you could have got a good range finding scope for that money for however i must say i know of other people who use small mag scopes with huge success on ft courses so wouldn't let it put you off having a bash and seeing what evolves from it...At the end of the day 10% of succsess is the gear the other 90% is down to the individuals skill in my opinion. Ii would say in terms of what you say about elitism if you look at the HFT comps a lot of people are spending far more on gear to do that sport reckon on the second hand market you can gear up for ft for less these days than you think.

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