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Originally Posted by pauljv View Post
Rob does that mean you can use any scope and paralax each target but you would then go into a grade rather than stf class
Yep Paul. You can use any scope and parallax, but you'll go into the grades like everyone else.

... not aimed at Paul...

Thing is, if you're doing it for the sport, maybe taking a few scalps, then it don't matter what grade you're in... if you're doing it for the competition, then it's hardly a real competition if there's only 1-2-3 people shooting all season, perhaps you being the only one there.

I'm not 100% but I think Simon's proposal of fixing a grade was accepted, so if you're worried about losing your grade you can have it fixed up.

I think what shot SFT wasn't that the BFTA didn't want it, it was on the decks for being scrapped since i've been attending meetings, but not voted out... but it's damned difficult. It's unsupported prone (if you want to shoot it that way), with only one pre guessed parallax setting allowed per lane... i think that's harder than HFT, but at longer targets... oh and a 12x scope max... which means that people essentially might have to buy a scope especially.

If people are genuinely concerned and have a better idea, i'd suggest putting something together, perhaps running an unofficial class for a few shoots, and proving that it works. But i think SFT was given enough of a shot to work.

Doesn't stop a region doing it though. It's only GP's etc.
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