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Originally Posted by pauljv View Post
Rob does that mean you can use any scope and paralax each target but you would then go into a grade rather than stf class
The past GP series stats are pretty conclusive that SFT has faded somewhat (and I think it is fair to say that at most GPs the SFT shooters were local to the club or region with obvious exceptions). See here

Piston class was much more hard fought (and then of course any scope, mag and parallax on each target). The parallax can be changed at the start of the lane for SFT but only once i.e. not changed between first and second target and many people tend to leave it set as is and not change it over the entire course i.e. use their HFT settings and range using bracketing or judgment (and must shoot before any FT style shooter in case they can gain advantage from the other's sidewheel numbers, etc). Oh and of course, you aren't allowed to look through the scope when you set the parallax, so it is like HFT except you decide to leave it as is on every lane rather than for the entire HFT course :-) Seems much better to go Piston class and at least see where you missed once the sight has bounced back to the approximate direction of the target.

In my own club SFT has been used by quite a lot (for local comps) but the prone position is quite different and is not an easy swap from HFT (unsupported i.e. off peg, no butt on ground) and courses tend to be not friendly to prone shots. So SFT is more like HFT with longer targets (on average) but sitting is allowed. I tried it a few times but preferred to keep FT and HFT distinct with different rigs.

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