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Default Fancy a cornish Pastie

Originally Posted by pauljv View Post
i use a zos..... only thing that lets me down is me and i use the smaller 40 mag
Mot actually seen a Zos that could ange find that well myself, but I suppose it goes to show there are good and bad examples of every scope.
I dont see why 40 mag is letting you down, i do ok with 35.

Originally Posted by rich View Post
Bring your rig to the south west and take part in our HFT comps. Our rules are quite similar to the old SFT rules. You can adjust the scope for each target before you look through it. And you can sit on a cushion for the freestyle lanes. You do have to touch the post, and keep below 12 mag.
We have a category for spring guns in HFT which is separate from the PCPs so you would be competing like for like with others.
I'm sure one of the south west clubs would be happy to accept you as a country member.
Excelent suggestion Rich.
Mark (flanelmeister) is a member of tondu. I sent Damion the dates so hopefully he is working on them and Swefta 2013 wont clash with worlds and GP.
If so Mark, offer is there of a lift to all the Swefta shoots I attend.
Call it flat rate of 15 for Diesel every trip if your interested.
The series would indeed be right up your street, i enjoy doing the Swefta Hft course for a bit of fun and want to plan something simular at Tondu.

Does not help with the Gp series perhaps, though there is still spring class.
However, you have every right to propose SFT again at the agm.

It is a case though as Alec Says, its not been supported that well over the last few years. Its basically made way for the Freestyle class. I think the thing is, most come into Ft at a basic level but probably go through equipment changes failry quickly as funds allow, just look at arms dealer lol.
Thus, say someone starts Mfta winter league with s400 + Hawk. By the time First gp comes round they may well be on big nikko + ev2.
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