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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
thanks for helping a old chap with frozen shoulder and having the old chinky needles stuck into him each week at a great cost I may add.
Its just I cant get the right arm low to the ground so the but of the stock rests on the ground and I wanted to know if I could add a piece of ally bar so as I did;nt have to open my shoulders near to the ground which I;m finding impossible.
I;ve fitted the bar today and going to see if I can hit targets tomorrow at Wheatleys and maybe I;ll be able to get over fifty in the future shoots .
Hi Ian, just remember that only the bottom of the buttpad can touch the ground, you wouldnt be able to fit a bar underneath & rest that on the ground.

The best thing is to send Sparky or myself a picture of what you have done & then we can tell you if its allowed in UKAHFT comps
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