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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Consistancy is fine so likley no problem to find there.
all bolts tight??
Yes all tight

The other chap who tested your gun, was he one of the best in the country or just someone you consider better than yourself??
Not much point having anyone else test it if they are not 100% sure it was not them??
He is a good shot, yes. I also shot his EV with far better results
What have you done pellet testing wise?

I have tried a couple of different batches, different sizes, inc. sizing them down with a pellet sizer to 4.50 & 4.49

i would go back to when you were producing the groups you now desire to produce.
Have you changed the batch of pellet you were using then? That can have a huge difference on results above all else
I actually thing the rifle was more consistent before it was regulated but can't be sure now as I sold the rifle & bought it back recently. It was definitely more accurate when I owned it last anyway.

I have just tried it again in the garden, I put 3 pellets on top of each other then it put one 4mm left & high, then back on, then dropped low.. I may do another test on the chrono later over more shots.

I wouldn't mind if the group was 6mm or so but the fliers are doing my head in a bit.
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