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Default Regulator problem ?

I have a problem with my MPR, in that it will not group very well.
I thought it was pellets but I have tried a few different ones through the rifle now & it will not put in a decent group at 25yds. Best I can do is about 10mm with 5 shots & the odd flier.
I thought it could be me but I have had another club member test it with similar results.
I have cleaned the barrel, stripped & cleaned the hammer rail & firing pin.
It seems fairly consistent over the chrono, well as much as it would be with pellets from the tin, high was 785, low was 777 iirc. over 10 shots.
I changed scopes as well to see if it was that, but no, same results.

The only thing I can put it down to is that it has a Ben taylor regulator.
Does the reg pressure need to be set up for a particular rifle or do you just set them to 90 bar & they all perform the same ?
Or maybe if the hammer spring was weak/worn would this affect things ?
Also I noticed the brass firing valve body that Ben modifies (read:chops up) is a bit battered & the hole is not round anymore in the middle ??

It used to be really accurate, I could put in 5-6mm groups with it at 25yds of my hand & similar at 45. I even had a half inch group with 5 pellets at 65 yards with it once

It is becoming so frustrating that I am thinking about buying a new firing pot, body & cylinder to see if it cures it by removing the reg.

Or is there other things that can cause inaccuracy, it's weird how it seems fairly consistent over the chrono ??

Any advice would be great.

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