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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Clean air is still air, but the air is called dirty because it has turbulence and low pressure meaning aeros don't generate the downforce that normal still air would as they hit it.

When a pellet leaves a barrel there isn't that much air flowing past it. GC's pics show hairs on darts being disturbed but these are very light in relation to the pellet itself. Somewhere there is some footage of a pellet leaving at 6ft-lb but i can't find it at the moment... but there isn't much muzzle blast coming past it before the pellet leaves the muzzle, and there's no obvious evidence of destabilisation, which although you may think on a 6ft-lb gun you'd see less, it probably has more effect because the blast will be still strong but the pellet won't get out of the way so fast.

Here's a .32 moving at what it described as considerably below the speed of sound. The schlieren photography method shown reveals changes in air density due to pressure. We don't know how far from the muzzle it was taken.
Thanks for that Rob, thats given further insight to the subject. The picture paints a thousand words .
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